Our People

Peter Berg

Director of Knowledge, Stockholm
Brings nearly two decades of industry experience to support clients and McKinsey project teams serving the Forest Products sector

Nuno Catarino

Partner, Lisbon, Luanda
Helps leaders of the banking, telecom, media, cement, and pulp and paper industries improve their operations and customer-care processes. Leads...

Karel Eloot

Senior Partner, Shanghai
Focuses on broadly improving operations in industrial sectors, particularly for companies in China

Arne Gast

Partner, Kuala Lumpur
Co-leads our Organization Practice in Asia. Brings extensive global expertise in leadership development, organizational design, human-resources...

Dieter Kiewell

Senior Partner, London
Translates pricing innovations into profit gains in a broad array of sectors and businesses

Patrick Lahaie

Managing Partner, Montréal
Manages the Montréal office and leads McKinsey’s Recovery and Transformation Services (RTS) in Canada. Serves industrial companies on large-scale...

Oskar Lingqvist

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Supports participants in the Forest Products sector around the globe, helping refine and execute strategic initiatives, and improve operations

Hidayat Liu

Partner, Singapore
Leads the Metals & Mining and the Paper & Forest Products Practice for Southeast Asia. Hidayat is an industry expert on coal, iron, nickel, aluminum,...

Yasir Mirza

Partner, Sydney
Combines organisational and commercial experience to improve companies' sales and marketing processes and impact

Tomas Nauclér

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Helps companies and governments develop strategies grounded on a fact-based understanding of the potential impact of climate change

Kevin Orbinski

Partner, Toronto
Partners with clients to develop and implement large-scale transformation programs that strengthen operational and management performance and...

Robert Samek

Senior Partner, Toronto
Increases returns on capital and de-risks outcomes by building major projects faster and at lower cost

Ken Somers

Master Expert, Brussels
Brings a wealth of operational expertise to help clients from manufacturing industries increase their yields and energy efficiency