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Pulp, paper, and packaging in the next decade: Transformational change

– If you thought the paper industry was going to disappear, think again. Graphic papers are being squeezed, but the industry overall has major changes in store and exciting prospects for new growth.

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Finding the right digital balance in B2B customer experience

– Growing numbers of B2B companies are focusing on digitization to succeed with customer-centric strategies. Here’s how to... get it right.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Pushing manufacturing productivity to the max

– Advanced analytics and lower-cost computing give companies a powerful tool for managing profitability on an hourly basis.

Tighter recycled fiber markets: Softwood strikes back!

– Recycled fiber recovery rates are approaching practical limits even as demand grows, so the hunt is on for replacements.

Avoiding the winner's curse: Capture Value Through Differentiated Pricing

– Customized offerings present real opportunities for pulp and paper suppliers, although pricing them is difficult. The authors... propose guidelines to help.

Preparing for lean times

– Costs continue to outstrip price increases for pulp and paper companies, requiring a more cost effective approach to operations.

Sustainability: Value creation in the pulp and paper industry through sustainability transformation

– Frequently changing regulations have thus shaped the pulp and paper industry for decades and are continuing to shape it worldwide,... resulting in many innovations.

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