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McKinsey Implementation

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McKinsey Implementation

Making it happen

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Our approach

What we do

We ensure that clients achieve bottom-line results by working with them from project initiation through implementation.

How we build capabilities

We help organizations identify, build, and sustain the capabilities they need to continuously improve performance and deliver impact.

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McKinsey Implementation—More results, more quickly and more sustainably

Imagine where you implemented as planned, or imagine where you've had a 2-month delay, a slower ramp up, and 70% target slippage which could cost you 50% of your earnings after 5 years. Implementation is tough, which is why we’ve created McKinsey Implementation.


Alasdair Johnston

Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey Implementation in Australia and has deep expertise in rapid performance transformation and capability building

Kevin Orbinski

Partner, Toronto
Partners with clients to develop and implement large-scale transformation programs that strengthen operational and management performance and...

Raphael Pustkowski

Senior Implementation Leader, Sydney
Draws on more than 20 years of global experience in senior line management and consulting to ensure successful implementation of change—and bottom-line...



Implementing change with impact

– Our survey of 2,200 global executives highlights the benefits and secrets of a successful implementation.

Impact stories

Implementing change in IT to improve cost, service and organizational health

A multiyear transformation of IT has secured $180 million in bottom-line savings to date.

Transforming a 5,000+ person sales organization to deliver profitable growth

A year-long transformation of the sales force boosted annual gross profit more than $50 million.

Transforming operations to recover from the global financial crisis

Transformation of operating fundamentals added $1 billion to the client’s bottom line.

Featured capability

Program Management


Tracks initiatives, milestones, and impact in transformations through a program management platform

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