Our People

Practice leaders

Liz Hilton Segel

Senior Partner, New York
Drives revenue growth and profits for B2C businesses in media, telecommunications, financial services, travel, and leisure. Partners with major...

Homayoun Hatami

Senior Partner, Paris
Leads McKinsey’s marketing and sales practice in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, helping companies drive above-market growth through marketing...

Paul McInerney

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to consumer businesses such as retailers, packaged goods and media companies,...

Jesko Perrey

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps clients deliver above-market growth by transforming their marketing and sales capabilities. Leads our Marketing and Sales Practice globally

Roland John

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep understanding of customer economics to effective go-to-market strategies

Our people

Kari Alldredge

Partner, Minneapolis
Brings deep expertise in customer and channel management and supports major consumer-goods companies around the world on sales and marketing...

Walter Baker

Partner, Atlanta
Enables clients to capture substantial and sustainable bottom-line improvement through better pricing and commercial productivity

Thomas Bauer

Partner, Munich
Brings deep expertise in marketing-performance optimization to help leading brands across industries and geographies transform their brand management...

Thomas Baumgartner

Senior Partner, Global Practice Co-Convener, Vienna
Coleads our work in Advanced Industries on a global basis, leads our Advanced Industries work in Europe, and heads up our work in the Advanced...

Gadi BenMark

President and General Manager, McKinsey Social, New York
Helps companies leverage social media to strengthen customer relationships, improve performance, and build their brands

Rishi Bhandari

Senior Expert, Chicago
Works with clients to improve returns on marketing investments, including digital and social media, through advanced analytics and econometrics

Adam Bird

Senior Partner, Munich
Deep experience and expertise advising clients on critical issues facing digital marketing, and media and entertainment

Julien Boudet

Partner, Seattle
Advises consumer-focused companies on marketing, e-commerce, and operations, driving the digital transformation of their business

Robert Byrne

Partner, San Francisco
Helps financial services and financial technology companies drive growth by transforming their go-to-market capabilities in commercialization,...

Tanguy Catlin

Senior Partner, Boston
Works with major financial institutions, and leads McKinsey’s Digital Quotient initiative—helping companies rapidly gauge and strengthen their...

Bertil Chappuis

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Brings deep high tech industry expertise to help clients drive performance, with a focus on go-to-market initiatives

Marina Cigarini

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Draws on deep expertise in digital, advanced analytics, and marketing and sales to help high-tech, telecom, and media clients drive profitable...

Manish Chopra

Senior Partner, New York
Serves public- and private-sector healthcare clients on strategy, pricing, mergers and acquisitions, operational improvement, and organizational...

Becca Coggins

Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises retailers across channels on strategy and merchandising and brings deep expertise on format innovation, assortment optimization, and...

Jenny Cordina

Partner, Detroit
Improves healthcare clients’ service to important customer segments by deepening their understanding of customer attitudes and behavior

Jean-Baptiste Coumau

Partner, Tokyo
Brings a passion for growth through marketing transformation, creative excellence, and innovation to clients in consumer goods, automotive, cosmetics,...

Vikash Daga

Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads McKinsey's Marketing & Sales Practice in India. Brings deep expertise in marketing & sales transformations, digital and growth acceleration...

Peter Dahlstrom

Senior Partner, London
Globally leads McKinsey's Client and Firm Communications, and is a leader of Digital McKinsey for B2C sectors, serving leading institutions,...

Julie DeLoyd

Associate Partner, Chicago
Specializes in sales transformations and building sales capabilities across B2B and B2B2C industries to drive growth

Georges Desvaux

Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Africa, Johannesburg
Brings deep marketing and strategy expertise to help organizations and executives understand and respond to consumer opportunities.

Alejandro Díaz

Senior Partner, Dallas
Helps global consumer-facing companies capture growth opportunities and achieve excellence in strategy, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution;...

Vijay D'Silva

Senior Partner, New York
Supports banks, payments players and other financial institutions on issues such as corporate strategy, risk management, technology and operations

Ewan Duncan

Senior Partner, Seattle
Managing Partner of our Seattle office. Works with technology, media and telecoms clients across multiple topics to improve overall performance...

Brian Elliott

Partner, New Jersey
Helps consumer goods clients find new ways to create value from big data

Dave Elzinga

Partner, Chicago
Supports leading companies to develop growth strategies, marketing organization and capabilities, brand positioning, and consumer insights

Harald Fanderl

Partner, Munich
Works with clients on commercial and customer experience transformations that drive above-market growth.

Bo Finneman

Associate Partner, Miami
Advises clients on growth topics including brand positioning, product design, and go-to-market activities such as pricing and digital marketing

Brian Fox

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Guides healthcare companies as they seek ways to improve profitability and grow, often through innovative product launch, marketing, sales, and...

David Frank

Partner, Atlanta
Serves B2C and B2B companies on strategic, operational, and commercial issues; focuses on optimizing the customer experience by improving service...

Tom French

Senior Partner, Boston
Serves a range of consumer and industrial clients, with particular emphasis on marketing strategy and organizational design

Jonathan Gordon

Partner, New York
Focuses on helping clients get the most from their marketing, with an emphasis on using analytics to maximize returns across all channels

Vijay Gosula

Senior Partner, Salvador
With expertise in Brazilian markets, including infrastructure, banking, and retail, he advises clients on improving operational efficiency, sales...

Daniel Gourvitch

Partner, New York
A leader in McKinsey’s Financial Services Practice with a focus on strategy, growth and digital; he also co-leads McKinsey’s solutions portfolio

Brian Gregg

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Enables clients to achieve above-market growth by combining advanced analytics, consumer insights, and agile operating models to power commercial...

Brett Grehan

Senior Partner, Sydney
Combines broad cross-sector experience with deep expertise in marketing and strategy to help clients transform global marketing and sales organizations

Parmeet Grover

Partner, Atlanta
Helps industrial, especially automotive, clients create profitable leadership positions through strategy, go-to-market design, sales & channel...

Mingyu Guan

Partner, Vancouver
Leverages deep expertise in marketing and sales to help companies execute commercial transformations

Stacey Haas

Partner, Detroit
Works with consumer companies on driving growth through portfolio strategy and innovation

Martin Harrysson

Partner, Silicon Valley
Draws on expertise in software development and digital strategy to help high-tech and industrial companies innovate the customer experience and...

Eric Hazan

Senior Partner, Paris
Leads Digital McKinsey in France and—as a leader of McKinsey’s Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, and Telecommunications Practices—brings extensive...

Jason Heller

Partner, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology, New York
Helps companies rise to the challenges of digital-age marketing by leveraging new strategies, marketing technologies, data, and analytics to...

Brian Henstorf

Partner, Dallas
Helps consumer packaged goods and retail sector executives pursue sustainable growth

Fernanda Hoefel

Partner, São Paulo
Member of the consumer group in Latin America, working with retail and consumer clients, and shopping malls, to drive value creation through...

Betsy Holden

Senior Advisor, Chicago
Works extensively in corporate brand building and management, acquisitions, global expansion, turnarounds, restructuring with particular depth...

Jeff Jacobs

Partner, Chicago
Drives business growth through excellence in brand strategy and insights, customer experience and marketing efficiency

Pallav Jain

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Helps leading telecom and high-tech companies drive performance by leveraging big data and analytics

Jay Jubas

Senior Partner, Stamford
Collaborates with incumbent providers and alliances on winning strategies, and pricing and operations improvements

Alex Kazaks

Partner, San Francisco
Helps domestic and global companies better serve their customers by transforming digital capabilities and developing skills for innovation to...

Catharine Kelly

Director, People Digital Systems and Strategy , Atlanta
Applies broad business technology and customer experience to build clients' operations and sales and marketing capabilities

Dieter Kiewell

Senior Partner, London
Translates pricing innovations into profit gains in a broad array of sectors and businesses

Tom Kilroy

Partner, Chicago
Serves retail and consumer-goods clients on growth strategy, digital, merchandising, and marketing topics

Yongah Kim

Senior Partner, Toronto
Supports leading global companies in the finance, infrastructure/EPC, and healthcare industries in transforming their strategies and performance

Sebastian Klapdor

Associate Partner, Munich
Helps e-commerce and omnichannel B2C companies develop advanced-analytics and digital tools to drive growth through commercial functions, especially...

Jan-Christoph Köstring

Partner, Munich
Helps automotive clients to boost and transform their sales and marketing activities to achieve profitable, above-market growth

Richard Lee

Senior Partner, Seoul
Works with leading technology, media, telecommunications, and private-equity clients to enable digital transformations that capture value

Soenke Lehmitz

Senior Partner, Stamford
Uses his expertise in B2B marketing and sales to support clients across the chemicals industry

Sheldon Lyn

Partner, Silicon Valley
Helps consumer goods companies improve their performance through revenue growth management transformations

Nicolas Maechler

Partner, Paris
Global leader of our work in customer experience, and leads our Marketing & Sales Practice in France

Wouter Maes

Partner, Boston
Serves clients in media, automotive, and hospitality spaces

Max Magni

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Advises leading multinational consumer-goods companies as they seek growth and performance across borders; brings deep expertise in consumer...

Mitra Mahdavian

Partner, Silicon Valley
Mitra is a leader in McKinsey’s Digital and Marketing & Sales Practices, supporting high-tech companies on growth and go-to-market topics, including...

Eduardo Malpica

Partner, Mexico City
Leads our Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in Mexico and helps major consumer companies and retailers drive growth, strengthen brands,...

Audrey Manacek

Senior Partner, Minneapolis
Serves clients on a variety of growth topics across a broad set of consumer-facing industries, including leading consumer-goods, retail, telecommunication,...

Brad Mendelson

Senior Partner, Cleveland
Serves leading financial-services companies (particularly global insurance firms) on strategy, operations, and transformations

Ankur Modi

Partner, Gurugram
Helps consumer packaged goods, retail, and pharmaceutical companies achieve growth and margin improvement by delivering significant performance...

Suraj Moraje

Senior Partner, Manila
Helps private and public-sector institutions and individuals to substantially improve their performance, from strategy to operations. Works with...

John Murnane

Partner, Atlanta
Applies extensive knowledge across all functions and modes of the global transportation sector to improve the performance of leading companies...

Marie-Claude Nadeau

Partner, San Francisco
Advises executives in financial services, technology, and retail as they set effective growth and go-to-market strategies and build stronger...

Ryan Paulowasky

Advises clients across industries on a broad range of marketing and sales projects, focusing on driving transformational change in commercial...

Andrew Pickersgill

Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on sales and marketing, growth strategy, and operational improvement topics, with depth in the telecom and banking industries

Rohit Razdan

Senior Partner, Singapore
Helps consumer-goods and retail clients on a broad range of issues related to growth strategy, market entry, digital transformation, pricing,...

Steve Reis

Partner, Atlanta
Helps clients grow above the market through advanced analytics, building capabilities, and transforming organizations

Charlotte Relyea

Partner, New York
Works closely with clients to build organizational capabilities to sustain long-term growth.

Aaron Rettaliata

Partner, Pittsburgh
Serves retail and consumer goods companies on merchandising, marketing and strategy, including pricing, promotions, assortment, sourcing, organization,...

Hugo Sarrazin

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Pioneers innovative initiatives that help clients reinvent their businesses. Co-founder and global leader of Digital Labs

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps clients improve performance by building capabilities in Customer Lifecycle Management

Ido Segev

Partner, Boston
Helps clients understand their Digital Quotient and implement digital programs to improve financial performance

Dan Singer

Partner, New York
Helps leading sports and gaming companies grow, improve their performance, and stay ahead of the industry’s constant digital evolution

Marc Singer

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helps clients become deeply digital to drive rapid performance improvements and accelerate growth

Kate Smaje

Senior Partner, London
Serves consumer-facing companies on the strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational initiatives that will enable the transformation...

Dennis Spillecke

Senior Partner, Cologne
With a focus on marketing, brand development, and analytics, Dennis helps clients build successful brands and drive marketing return on investment

David Sprengel

Partner, Munich
Brings expertise on go-to-market, sales effectiveness, pricing and growth Strategies to help achieve profitable growth in B2B and B2B2C industries

Jennifer Stanley

Expert Partner, Boston
Deep expertise in B2B go-to-market strategy, transformation, sales force effectiveness, value selling, and pricing

Jon Steitz

Partner, San Francisco
Advises payments providers and banks as they seek a better understanding of consumers and pursue digital opportunities

Yael Taqqu

Senior Partner, New York
Leader in digital media and marketing, as well as product strategy, conceptualization, and commercialization

Kelly Ungerman

Partner, Dallas
Transforms sales and marketing organizations for retail and consumer packaged goods clients, finding the potential for long-term growth

Maria Valdivieso de Uster

Director of Knowledge, Miami
Help companies build advanced sales capabilities that drive above‐market growth

Michael Viertler

Senior Partner, Munich
Helps clients achieve above-market growth by managing sales and developing go-to-market strategies

Wesley Walden

Senior Partner, Melbourne
Leads RTS in Asia and advises clients on radical performance transformation, distressed turnaround and corporate restructuring across a range...

Josh Wolff

Partner, New York
Assists financial services, media, and telecommunications clients on diverse sales growth projects with a focus on frontline excellence and activating...

Lareina Yee

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Advises high tech, media, and industrial companies on digital sales and marketing strategies to achieve above-market growth

Hyo Yeon

Digital Partner, New York
A leader of our global design practice who works closely with clients to turn customer empathy into innovative experiences, products, and services

Stephan Zimmermann

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helps companies with substantial online operations find Internet-based consumer insights, manage the customer life cycle, and stay ahead of digital...