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Gender diversity

More companies are committing to gender equality. But progress will remain slow unless we confront blind spots on diversity—particularly regarding women of color, and employee perceptions of the status quo. Women in the Workplace 2017, a study conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey, looks more deeply at why. To learn more about our research on gender parity please visit also our Gender Equality page.
A new emphasis on gainful employment in India

Employment in India

Indian labour markets are undergoing a significant structural shift, away from agriculture and towards the non-farm sector, particularly construction, trade, and transport. In June 2017 the McKinsey Global Institute published a discussion paper that looks at labour market trends, global forces affecting labour market dynamics and opportunities for more gainful employment.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is finally starting to deliver real-life benefits to early-adopting companies. Evidence suggests that there is a business case to be made, and that AI can deliver real value to companies willing to use it across operations and within their core functions. The McKinsey Global Institute surveyed more than 3,000 AI-aware companies around the world for the June 2017 discussion paper: Artificial intelligence: The next digital frontier?
Reinventing Equity Research as a Profit-Making Business

Reinventing equity research

The traditional business of providing equity research to asset managers has been under pressure in recent years. In a report from June 2017, we find that in five years’ time, sell-side equity research will likely still play a crucial role in the fundamental investment processes of the buy side, but most firms’ research functions will be smaller and more focused, governed by a strategic appreciation of the buy side’s need to produce alpha.


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